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Murderers should not be allowed to influence public opinion in the UK: It is time to ban RT.

1st January 2016

A little more than a year ago Democratist wrote an article in which we argued that RT, Russia’s state-funded television propaganda arm, was having a corrosive effect on political discourse in the UK.

We said that, having broken the UK regulator’s code on bias ten times since it began broadcasting in the UK in 2005, the UK authorities should not give a hostile foreign power the opportunity to repeatedly lie on British television – in the same way that they do not permit any domestic channel to continually broadcast from a single political perspective.

We noted that such a move would be well within the scope of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), which allows for the curbing of freedom of expression, and the licencing of broadcasters for reasons of national security – especially where a foreign state is involved.

Today we have been presented with the findings of the public enquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko. The enquiry has found conclusive proof of Russian State involvement in Mr Litvinenko’s murder. The Home Secretary, Teresa May, has stated in the House of Commons that Litvinenko’s murder was “a state-sponsored act.”

How then, can the UK government continue to allow the same State that orders killings on our streets to broadcast on our airwaves?

Surely it is time to take a stand, and to have RT banned.

Surely, as a matter of principle those named as murders in public enquiries, and who refuse to submit themselves to the courts should not be allowed the opportunity to influence  public opinon within the United Kingdom?

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