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Alexander Lukashenko – Free Speech Advocate.

Posted by democratist on May 8, 2011

8th May 2011,

Democratist is currently traveling in the CIS and his limited internet access, and therefore limited scope to inform the world of our myriad brilliant insights.

Nonetheless, one short piece has caught our eye, which we think shines a little light on the current situation in Belarus, and which we would like to share with our esteemed readers.

As such, we reproduce in full this short article of two days ago from that impartial and internationally respected, if generally undervalued Belarusian news organ, Telegraf;

“One can’t Shut People’s Mouth, Lukashenko

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes that no one may interfere with one’s free expression of personal point of view.

This was stated by the Head of State on May 6 at the meeting on the progress of investigation into the Minsk Subway explosion on April 11.

“I have received information that some of our bureaucrats are trying to shut the people’s mouth. One should no way let it happen,” he said.

“Everyone, having worked out his working hours, has the right to express personal views in certain places, at home, for instance, like in a real democratic state, and nobody has the right to interfere with this,” BelTA quoted Alexander Lukashenko.

“If a person violates the law, he must answer for this to the fullest extent.

If we start crushing people, we won’t be understood,” said President of Belarus.”

So, all is now clear.  If you thought Lukashenko was some kind of despot, you were quite wrong: Every citizen of Belarus has the right to say whatever they want – provided (following the best Soviet tradition) they confine their democratic exuberance to their own kitchens.

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