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Viktor’s “very legal” business.

Posted by democratist on November 17, 2010

17th November 2010,

Democratist has been delighted to see the return to the screen of one of our favorite Russia Today semi-regulars, thereby once again reassuring us that conspiracy theory continues to maintain a central place in the Russian disinformation pantheon, despite the “reset” with the US. 

The last time we saw Madrid-based “investigative journalist” Daniel Estulin in early July, he had been given a 10 minute prime-time slot on RT’s news programme, during which he (heroically) managed to keep a straight face while expressing the view that the US was building 13 “secret bases” in Afghanistan, “for the forward push to an eventual war against Russia,” as part of a complex plot involving the IMF, George Soros, and the Bilderburg group. (Democratist especially appreciated the inclusion of Soros, as it tellingly underscored the historical use of Jews as scapegoats in Russian disinformation operations, going at least as far back as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion; secretly published by the Tsarist Okrana in Paris in the early 1900’s).

This time Estulin (who sports a fetching “slav nationalist chic” ponytail and goatee combo, and whose grandfather was, according to the biography on his web site – surprise, surprise – a colonel in the KGB) has been dragged out to do a similar job in relation to yesterday’s extradition of Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout from Thailand to the US.

Thus, whereas Bout was today charged in New York with arms dealing and conspiracy to kill US officials, Estulin has been backing the Kremlin’s claims that he is the victim of a “grave injustice” and comically stated in an RT interview (among other things) that, “[Bout] was not involved in gun running. He was involved, to a very small extent, in shipping arms; but again, shipping arms is not illegal, it is a very legal business.”

And guess what? RT informs us that Estulin is currently,working on a book about the “conspiracy” against Viktor Bout.”



3 Responses to “Viktor’s “very legal” business.”

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