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Lukashenko maintaining tight grip on electoral process.

Posted by democratist on November 4, 2010

4th November 2010,

It looks like President Lukashenko of Belarus has so far managed to keep the electoral process well under control in the run up to Presidential elections due on 19th December.

According to the latest report by Democratists’ friends over at Viasna, a Belarussian Human Rights organization, “Nomination of candidates for inclusion in the 6,346 Precinct Election Commissions (PECs) [i.e. polling stations] finished on 31 October…Opposition parties have put forward only about 1,000 candidates out of 84,024.”

For the uninitiated, this basically means that the ruling party will nominate, at a minimum a little under 99% of all the people that will be working in the polling stations in Belarus on election day.

Still, this compares favourably with the Territorial Electoral Commissions (TECs) [responsible for regional oversight], where only 14 members out of a total of 2000 (or 0.7%) are representatives of opposition parties.

The Belarusian electoral machine therefore appears to be functioning as per normal at this point in the process.

If the Russians really want to get rid of Lukashenko, it will be hard for them to achieve this through the ballot box.

2 Responses to “Lukashenko maintaining tight grip on electoral process.”

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