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We’re all democrats now…

Posted by democratist on October 19, 2010

19th October 2010,

Democratist has been interested to read this article suggesting that Novaya Gazeta, vociferous and undaunted critic of the Putin regime, is threatened with closure.

Even so, we don’t think the paper’s (undoubtedly brave and resourceful) journalists should start to clear their desks and head to the bar just yet; with President Medvedev working overtime to prove his “liberal” credentials, and Vladimir Putin doing his level best to pretend he cares about what foreign investors think about the corruption he has done so much to create over the past 10 years, media reports of any perceived clampdown on such an obvious symbol of Russia’s “limited democracy” (as Medvedev euphemistically termed it in Yaroslavl a few weeks ago) are, we suspect, soon likely to be pleased to report that the state media watchdog that has brought the complain against the paper suddenly decides to change its mind, or the court to throw out the case at the earliest possibility…

As a taxi driver in a third-world country once told a friend of mine, “We’re all democrats now…The President ordered it personally!”

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