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Obama’s Devilish Masterplan revealed

Posted by democratist on July 28, 2010

28th July 2010

This morning Democratist has been laughing at yet another (somewhat delayed) Russian attempt to gloss over the “reset” spy scandal.

The latest explanation from Robert Bridge at Russia Today is that,

In an effort to distract attention from the release of thousands of secret documents on the Afghanistan War, the US rounded up 11 Russian “spies” according to internal sources.” 

Come again?

Bridge’s un-named “internal sources”, supposedly a US “defense expert” claims;

“The White House understood it needed something really big to distract attention away from what was coming down the pipe…There was really no need for the FBI to round-up those Russians when they did unless there was some higher purpose. And that purpose…was the threat that Assange would release documents that would be extremely damaging to the war effort in Afghanistan.”

Yes of course, it’s all been a cunning smoke screen, run from the White House right from the start! There was no need for the FBI to round-up those Russians – except perhaps for the fact that they were spying on the US, and well… it’s kind of the FBI’s job to catch spies.

This is just the latest in a parade of increasingly pathetic disinformation jobs on the “reset” spy saga from RT and represents a complete U-turn from their original line after the story broke in late June, which was that the arrests were part of a plot by hawkish elements in the FBI to discredit Obama and disrupt the “reset”.

Instead, now we are to believe the opposite, i.e. that it’s all part of a White House plot to distract attention from US failings in Afghanistan; Obama was the evil mastermind behind this devilish scheme all along, because he wanted to distract attention from the wikileaks story (even though almost no one other than RT has shown any sign of interest in the spy story for some weeks).

For Democratist, the fact that RT (who one suspects get much of their information, and indeed some direction from the SVR in  Yasenevo, rather than from un-named US defense specialists) is still talking such obvious nonsense about this story, long after much of the Western media and public have packed their bags for the summer hols,  once again confirms our conjecture that the timing of the US spy arrests were part of a calculated, clever, and already very successful FBI plan to discredit the SVR both at home and abroad, and by extension Vladimir Putin and the Siloviki.

And  it would appear that Putin is doing his level best to ensure that the plan succeeds beyond the Americans wildest expectations;

Why else would he admit to having so much as met with this collection of inept failures (who according to court documents managed not to notice that they were being watched by the FBI for more than a decade), let alone make the bizarre admission that he had a drunken singalong with them to 1960’s soviet spy-tunes, while the person(s) responsible for this fiasco apparently remain happily uncaught, despite Putin’s claims that “we know who it was”?

It seems that it was this latest PR disaster, and the opportunity presented by the wikileaks story, that have sparked off this most recent round of unfocused dissembling.

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