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“No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those others that have been tried from time to time.” Churchill.

Welcome to Democratist; featured on The Economist, Financial Times, Radio Free Europe, Kyiv Post and inoSMI websites, and read by almost 50,000 people per month in over 100 countries –  including Foreign Ministers, Diplomats, Academics, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalists, non-Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalists, other bloggers, the staff of Russia Today, the SVR, the FSB – and assorted innocent bystanders…

About me: I have been interested in democratization, Russia and the CIS for about 15 years and have a MA in Political Science from UCL (University of London). I also studied at the LSE (under the late, great Fred Halliday). I have worked extensively in the region for various international organizations.

I blog from a somewhat (although by no means unreservedly) economically liberal, and pro-democracy perspective. I’m also generally pro-EU and pro-NATO. I don’t like authoritarianism or its attendant inefficiencies and corruption. My analytical framework draws strongly on aspects of historical sociology. In terms of foreign policy I’m for a pragmatic mix of realism and liberalism.

You can contact me at if you like, or follow me on twitter; MrDemocratist.

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Democratist is currently working on a series of articles about the relationship between democracy and innovation;

i) Democracy and Innovation: Martin Wolf Makes the Liberal Case.

ii) Democracy and Innovation: A Cold War Case Study.

iii) Democracy and Innovation: Dimitry Medvedev’s Skolkovo Illusion.

iv) Crane and Usmanov: A more detailed overview of current policy and innovation.

The Russian Military Industrial Complex: An Unresolvable Discrepancy .

The FSB and the Web: Out-innovated, yet again.

NB – this an ongoing “project” and the articles we write here are liable to change/revision over time.